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blow thru in a chevy silverado

5 years ago
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i am thinking of doing a blow thru in my reg cab 07 chevy silverado when the new 95's come out.  what box would you recommend for good loud deep rap/hip hop bass.  i have been debating on doing a ported or bandpass enclosure.  what would be the pros and cons of doing ported or bandpass.  i am not really interested in cutting out the entire back wall but if its what i needed to do i can.
5 years ago
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<p>Bandpass enclosures have pros and cons. The PRO's are that you get the overall output/volume of a ported box with the clarity and accuracy of a sealed box. The CON's are that they are harder to design and build. When designed poorly they will sound bad and have an terrible response. The new 95 subs are not designed to be in bandpass enclosure. They will be best suited in a ported box. Depending on what your asperations are will determine what enclosure to go with. As far as the cutouts go, the bandpass box will have a much smaller cutout for the sound to get into the cab. The ported version will be a lot larger and will be about the size of the enclosure itself. With ported enclosures you will need to build an extension on the front of the box to butt up against the bed of the truck so the sound will play through into the cab. Both cutouts can be done in different ways and it is up to the end user that determines how big of a hole to cut out. The amount that needs to be cut out is determined by how many subs you are using.</p>