Bring the Bass

For over 20 years Coustic audio has powered some of the best sounding systems on Earth. Coustic subwoofers are designed to be ultra efficient allowing them to produce extreme bass with minimal amplifier power. This allows enthusiasts to get booming bass without taxing their vehicle's electrical system or having to break the bank to get an awesome sounding system. Available in 10", 12", and 15" versions, Coustic has a subwoofer that is right for you.



15" 150-Watt RMS 4Ω Subwoofer

C154 15" Polypro Sub

Great Starter Sub

The Coustic C154 is a 15" single 4 ohm subwoofer that is designed to deliver high performance power at an unbeatable price. This unit features a polypropylene cone with excellent stiffness to weight ratio that allows for high efficiency and high SPL. A large foam surround increases efficiency by further reducing weight. Coustic subwoofers offer an incredible value and performance for anyone looking to add bass to their vehicle.

$89.95 $69.95